AAAS gives  corporates objective insight and unbiased perspective to build their next-generation architecture. Starting with a broad assessment of the current state architecture and an in-depth conversation around the vision and needs of the business, this service will construct a tailored and actionable roadmap. With this detailed plan of action and a wealth of experience executing large-scale IT programs, the service will pave a clear path to success and speed value realization.


• Get expert advice from dedicated Enterprise Architects
• Reduce risk and maximize business impact with architecture planning, strategic guidance and a technology implementation roadmap
• Help ensure the technology executed aligns with desired business roadmap and outcomes
• Get expert communication with key stakeholders at all levels of the company and timely, trustworthy advice
• Define and measure business impact through Key Performance Indicator's


• Assess current state technology architecture and landscape
• Design future-state reference architecture
• Conducting a Gap Analysis, highlighting areas where the
existing technology and processes should be modified to
achieve the Customer’s business objectives and bring the
environment closer to the desired future state

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